Definition of Monthful: 

1. showing consideration for oneself

2. committing to a goal, something on your bucket list, or aspiration 

3. characterized by month



Why Monthful? 

1. Very fortunate - even with a good job, loving family, and happy home - I felt unfulfilled... like something was missing in my life. 

2. Reflecting, I found myself wanting to work on who I was, but didn't know where to start... 

3. Dedicating one month felt attainable - while still leaving enough time to fully accomplish something fully.

Some questions I asked myself before starting... 

Do I feel fulfilled? 

What do I think is missing in my life? 

Who do I want to make a change for? 

Am I ready to commit to making time for myself? 

What feeling do I hope to walk away with at the end of my monthful journey? 

And honestly... it's ok if the answer is "I don't know"... it's about listening to your heart and being authentic & at peace with the truth of how you are feeling.

3 Tips to help you reach your Monthful goal: 

1. Begin the month with a clear definition of what success looks like to you. What goal precisely needs to be reached that is attainable within your capacity? Setting unrealistic expectations will only set you up for failure and that makes me want to text you a sad faced emoji... we want you to be successful! 

(That we includes both me and you!) 

2. Let's keep this goal personal. It isn't about what you are doing that is important... what is pertinent is why you want to commit to being monthful. 

Make a change for you. 

You can keep your goal personal by staying humble and sharing your journey only with those who would be an emotional support. 

The attention that comes with oversharing your personal journey can sometimes hinder reflection, as you start to care more about what people think than listening to your heart.   

3. Be forgiving of yourself. Some monthful goals are about daily practice (Like... flossing or writing a letter everyday) and some are about the final outcome at the end of the month (Possibly... running a 1/2 marathon or saving enough money to take a beach weekend trip). 

Everyone has a different and personal journey - including you. 

Possibly you forget or skip one day in your daily practice.... or you get halfway through the month and an injury causes you not to be able to finish your ultimate goal. 

If you made a conscious effort then you should be proud, because you were that much closer than before.  

Negative feelings are never the solution... it is important to acknowledge disappointment and then move on... there is always next month after all :)